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1Excel-Tool Convert Excel To HTML  v.29.11.15Business / Miscellaneous$28.95Shareware1.52 Mb
2Convert Excel to HTML  v.1.031Web Development / HTML & eBook Compilers$39.95Shareware695 Kb
3Convert Excel to Outlook  v.2.5Utilities / Disk Utilities$49.00Shareware2.4 Mb
4Convert Notes to Excel  v.5.0Internet / Email$48.00Shareware1024 Kb
5Convert Access to Excel  v.1.0Utilities / File Management$28.00Shareware696 Kb
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1Convert vCard to Excel  v.3.5Utilities / File Management$49.00SharewareDetail

Got a bunch of vCard files and looking for import solution to convert vCard to MS Excel file? Now you can convert vCard to Excel in easy steps using vCard to Excel Converter. Convert vCard to Excel, convert vCard contacts to Excel, vCard contacts to

1.51 Mb
2Convert Excel To CSV  v.29.12.28Business / Miscellaneous$28.95SharewareDetail

The software allows you to convert Excel to CSV (comma-separated value) format.

1.35 Mb
3Convert Excel To TXT  v.29.11.15Utilities / Miscellaneous$18.95SharewareDetail

Convert Excel to TXT Software allows you to convert Excel to TXT format.

1.36 Mb
4Excel-Tool Convert Excel To HTML  v.29.11.15Business / Miscellaneous$28.95SharewareDetail

Convert Excel to HTML software allows you to convert Excel to HTML and MHT.

1.52 Mb
5Excel Change Case  v.2.0Business / Word Processing$14.95SharewareDetail

Excel Change Case is a useful add-in to Change Case in Excel. It helps you to convert case of the text as Uppercase in Excel , Lowercase in Excel , Title Case in Excel , Sentence Case in Excel just like MS-Word change case.

2.45 Mb
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1CZ-All2Xls  v.2.0Business / SpreadsheetsFreeware1.2 Mb

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2VCF To XLSX Convert Software  v.7.0Business / Presentation Tools$19.99Shareware2.73 Mb

transfer vcfs to excel, import vcf files to excel, how to convert vcards to xlsx, how to convert vcfs to xlsxs, export, batch convert vccf to excel, multiple vcf to excel, vcard, virtual card, business card, conversion

3Online Excel Converter  v.3.0Business / Presentation ToolsFreeFreeware15.62 Mb

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4Similar Data Finder for Excel  v.1.1.4Business / Spreadsheets$39.00Shareware3.89 Mb

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5Dose for Excel  v.3.2.8Business / Spreadsheets$9.95Shareware3.13 Mb

excel addin, excel addon, excel, add-in, excel add-in, excel add-on, duplicate, cell color, import files names, excel backup settings, excel change case, excel comments, excel date picker, excel split, excel delete rows, export

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